Want To Give Up Chief Minister’s Post, It Refuses To Let Go: Ashok Gehlot


Ashok Gehlot Takes a Veiled Swipe at Sachin Pilot

The comments which were reportedly made in jest are relevant in light of the conflict between Ashok Gehlot’s and Sachin Pilot’s camps in the Rajasthan Congress.

Ashok Gehlot the chief minister of Rajasthan said today that he wants to leave the position but that the post doesn’t let me go in a subtly insulting remark directed at his arch-rival Sachin Pilot.

Speaking to the media in Delhi, Mr. Gehlot claimed that a female follower once expressed her desire for him to hold the position of Chief Minister for a fourth time. I told her that I want to leave the Chief Minister’s post but this post is not letting me go, stated Gehlot.

The comments, which were reportedly made in jest are relevant in light of the conflict between Mr. Gehlot’s and Mr. Pilot’s his former deputy’s camps in the Rajasthan Congress. In 2020 a mutiny led by Mr. Pilot came dangerously close to toppling the Congress administration until the high command intervened to prevent it.

The Congress Party’s Preparations for the Upcoming Election

Expanding on his jab at Mr. Pilot he claimed that the reason the party’s high leadership had chosen him three times to head the state must be due to something in him. But he also said that everyone would be able to agree on any decision made by the high command.

Both campaigns have made an effort to present a united front in the lead-up to the important election on November 25 but occasionally insults are exchanged.

In response to a question regarding the delay in the Congress releasing its list of candidates, he claimed that only the BJP in opposition was concerned. Because we are not fighting, they are upset. All judgments are made after taking into account everyone’s viewpoints. I am speaking with and voting for Sachin Pilot’s fans as well. Decisions are made without difficulty. Only the BJP is unhappy because of this, he claimed.

In response to the question of whether the party could refuse tickets to its current lawmakers, he asserted that it would undoubtedly replace candidates if better options were found.

He claimed there is no party divide and that he lives by the “forgive and forget” maxim when speaking about the chances of ticket seekers from the Pilot camp.

Earlier, Mr. Pilot said that he was sure of the Congress returning to power in Rajasthan.

The Political Landscape in Rajasthan

The BJP and the Congress are anticipated to square off in the Rajasthan election. Internal conflict is a significant obstacle for both parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided against portraying any leader as the face of the BJP campaign in order to prevent such a conflict from derailing the party’s prospects.

Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat are two notable members of the state BJP.

In fact, Mr. Gehlot claimed that Ms. Raje had assisted in saving his administration during the rebellion led by Mr. Pilot earlier this year while pointing to divisions within the BJP. Ms. Raje responded angrily to the statement, claiming that the Chief Minister had insulted her because he was “rattled by the rebellion in his party.”

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In his reply to a question today, Mr. Gehlot referred to his remark made earlier this year and said “She (Raje) should not suffer because of my remarks.”

People also ask

Who is Mr Ashok Gehlot?

Since 2018, Ashok Gehlot, an Indian politician born on May 3, 1951, has held the position of Chief Minister of Rajasthan. From December 1998 to 2003 again from 2008 to 2013, he served in this capacity. Since 1999, he has served as a member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, representing the Sardarpura constituency in Jodhpur.

Which state did Gajendra Singh Shekhawat come from?

He was born in Jaisalmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Who is the successful Prime Minister of India?

The first prime minister and longest-serving leader was Jawaharlal Nehru, whose term lasted 16 years and 286 days. Lal Bahadur Shastri’s brief premiership was followed by the 11- and 4-year terms of Indira Gandhi, both of whom were members of the Indian National Congress.

Who is this Sachin pilot?

Captain Sachin Pilot (born 7 September 1977) is an Indian politician of Indian National Congress.


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