MP Polls: Will Budhni Back ‘Mama’ Shivraj Singh Chouhan after BJP’s Reluctance to Project Him as CM Face?

Shivraj Singh Chouhan
The upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections are causing quite a stir in political circles and one question looms large: will Budhni back ‘Mama’ Shivraj Singh Chouhan after the BJP’s reluctance to project him as the Chief Ministerial face? This political drama unfolding in the heart of India raises important questions about leadership loyalty and the dynamics of state politics.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan: ‘Mama’ of Madhya Pradesh

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, also referred to as “Mama,” has a strong political presence. Having held the position of Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for three times, Chouhan is well-liked and has a sizable fan base in the state. The BJP has been hesitant to formally name him as the party’s Chief Ministerial face for the impending elections, despite his widespread appeal.

BJP’s Reluctance to Project Chouhan

Many people are perplexed by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) unwillingness to formally endorse Shivraj Singh Chouhan as the party’s nominee for chief minister. Chouhan seems like a great fit for the role given his popularity and track record of success. However, a number of factors, such as internal party dynamics and the desire to consider other leadership alternatives, could have an impact on the BJP’s decision.

The Importance of Leadership Projection

In the realm of electoral politics, projecting a strong leader as the Chief Ministerial face is a crucial strategy. It provides voters with a clear choice and a sense of who will lead the state if the party emerges victorious. This projection helps parties build a narrative around their leader’s vision and abilities creating a sense of confidence among voters.
The BJP’s strategy of not projecting Chouhan as the Chief Ministerial face could be a calculated move. It allows the party to maintain flexibility in its leadership choices and keeps other potential candidates in contention. The party might be attempting to tap into the anti-incumbency sentiment that often builds after an extended period in power. By not officially naming Chouhan they can present themselves as a party open to change and rejuvenation.

Budhni’s Role in the Political Drama

Budhni, a town in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh, is of special significance in this political saga. It’s the assembly constituency from which Shivraj Singh Chouhan has contested and won multiple elections. Budhni therefore carries a unique influence on Chouhan’s political career. The people of Budhni have been a reliable support base for ‘Mama’ over the years.

Budhni’s Support for Chouhan

The loyalty of the people of Budhni to Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been unwavering. In previous elections, Chouhan’s performance in this constituency has been stellar and it’s considered a stronghold for him. The people of Budhni have witnessed firsthand the development work initiated by Chouhan and appreciate his dedication to their welfare.
However, the question remains: will Budhni’s steadfast support for Chouhan be enough to secure his position as the Chief Ministerial candidate even in the face of the BJP’s reluctance?

Challenges and Opportunities

The BJP’s reluctance to project Shivraj Singh Chouhan as the Chief Ministerial face in the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections presents both challenges and opportunities for the party.


Uncertainty: Without a clear Chief Ministerial face the BJP might struggle to build a cohesive narrative for its campaign. It can create confusion among voters who might be looking for strong leadership.
Anti-incumbency: The absence of Chouhan’s projection might be seen as an acknowledgment of anti-incumbency and the party may have to work harder to combat this sentiment.
Rival Factions: The lack of an official candidate can lead to internal divisions within the party as various leaders might vie for the top position.


Fresh Faces: The BJP’s decision not to project Chouhan opens the door to new leaders allowing the party to explore alternative candidates who could bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.
Appealing to a Broader Base: By not tying themselves to a single face the BJP can attempt to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters and potentially win over those who may have reservations about Chouhan.
Flexibility: The party retains the flexibility to adapt to changing political dynamics as the election unfolds.

Public Opinion in Budhni

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Public opinion in Budhni remains a vital factor in the BJP’s decision-making process. The people of Budhni have consistently supported Shivraj Singh Chouhan and their voices carry significant weight.
Many Budhni residents view Chouhan as a leader who understands their needs and has worked to improve their lives. His reputation for accessible governance and his personal connection with the constituency have endeared him to the local population.
However, there is also a growing sentiment that Chouhan deserves to be projected as the Chief Ministerial candidate. The people of Budhni who have been a strong base for him feel that their loyalty should be reciprocated by the party.

Future Scenarios

As the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections approach several scenarios could unfold depending on the BJP’s strategy and Budhni’s response.
Chouhan Declared as Chief Ministerial Candidate: If the BJP decides to officially project Shivraj Singh Chouhan as the Chief Ministerial candidate it could solidify the party’s chances in the elections. This move would likely be met with enthusiasm by Chouhan’s supporters in Budhni and across the state.
Alternative Chief Ministerial Candidate: If the BJP opts for an alternative candidate it will be interesting to see how the voters particularly in Budhni react. Chouhan’s loyal base may feel disappointed but the party might attempt to win them over with a compelling alternative.
Flexible Approach: The BJP could maintain its flexible approach and delay the announcement until closer to the elections. This approach would keep the political landscape dynamic and allow the party to gauge public sentiment.


The political drama surrounding the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections and the BJP‘s reluctance to project Shivraj Singh Chouhan as the Chief Ministerial candidate raises questions about leadership projection loyalty, and the dynamics of state politics. Budhni with its unwavering support for ‘Mama’ Chouhan, plays a significant role in this unfolding narrative.
The BJP’s decision will have a far-reaching impact on the electoral landscape of Madhya Pradesh. Whether they choose to go with Chouhan explore alternative leadership, or maintain flexibility,the party’s strategy will shape the future of the state and determine whether ‘Mama’ Chouhan can once again secure Budhni’s support and lead Madhya Pradesh for another term.


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