SP Leader Criticizes Rahul Gandhi, Rejects Alliance with Brother Varun, Branding Him a ‘Wildcard’ Politician

'Couldn't Join with Brother Varun…' Sp Leader Lashes Out at Rahul Gandhi, Calls Him 'Crazy Dimwit'

SP Leader Criticizes Rahul Gandhi, Rejects Alliance with Brother Varun, Branding Him a ‘Wildcard’ Politician

Madhyra Pradesh assembly polls has emerged as a testing ground for the unity of INDIA group. Dispute between Congress and SP Leader over seat-sharing in MP elections turned ugly when politicians got into war of words to malign each other’s image. In a recent incident, a top SP leader lashed out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and even called him “crazy dimwit.”

Samajwadi party leader IP Singh, on Saturday, launched a personal attack on Waynad MP and said that Gandhi failed to join with his own brother Varun Gandhi. IP Singh didn’t stop here and even called Rahul Gandhi ‘crazy dimwit’.

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IP Singh accused Rahul Gandhi of spreading fake love, in an obvious jibe at Congress leader’s ‘Mohabbat ki Dukaan’ pitch. In his latest post on X, formerly Twitter, IP Singh gave credit of the forming Grand Alliance to Bihar CM Nitish Patel. He also accused the Congress of playing game, instead of “uniting individual parties and making them leaders of the Grand Alliance.”

He also dared the grand old party and said that “seven generations of the Congress never managed to do any harm of (SP leader) Samajwadi Party.”

“The initiative of the Grand Alliance was taken by the 8 time successful CM of Bihar, Ati Saral Patel Nitish Kumar. Instead of uniting individual groups and making them leaders of the Grand Alliance, Congress played the game. In 2019, with the help of that crazy idiot Rahul Gandhi, Chowkidar is a thief, Congress is making it impossible to beat Modi ji,” he wrote in his post on X.

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Attacks from (Samajwadi Party) SP leader are the result of their disappointment over Congress’ inaction on seat sharing agreement with SP Leader ahead of Madhya Pradesh state assembly polls. Earlier, the MP Congress state president Kamal Nath and senior party leader Digvijaya Singh had promised the SP of making seat-sharing arrangement ahead of state assembly polls in MP, claimed Samajwadi Party.

“India ALLIANCE is only for Bharat elections, India elections, the country’s elections. When the country’s elections come, we will think over it. Then those who want seats, there is a different stage (for discussion) for it,” said Akhilesh Yadav. He also underlined the issue of credibility, and warned that if the Congress continued with such behaviour there is hardly anyone going to stay with the party.


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